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The statement of BNP leaders is the delirium of a madman: Quader

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Awami League’s General Editor Obaidul Quader has said that Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and the leaders of the BNP are now resorting to the ravings of a madman after the alleged failure of the BNP’s so-called movement. He mentioned that they are neither receiving the expected support from foreign powers nor are they able to sustain their position as they are repeatedly rejected by the people.

He stated, “They keep changing their statements according to their desires. Sometimes, they praise foreign powers in hopes of their favor, while at other times, they engage in vitriol against them due to not receiving the desired support. They mockingly present themselves as democrats, advocates of the constitution, and champions of the rule of law, all the while engaging in acts that undermine democracy, constitution, governance, and electoral systems.”

In a statement signed by the party’s office editor Biplob Barua on Monday (August 7), he criticized BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s comments about the judiciary division of the country. He said, “They are accusing their opponents of suppressing opposing opinions. While BNP leaders speak about democracy publicly, their actions are filled with extreme autocracy and falsehoods. BNP, which is the main promoter of extremism, terrorism, and sectarianism, always fears the path of democracy. BNP’s politics is about capturing power through any means, including conspiracies and upheavals.”

Quader also mentioned that during the rule of military dictatorships led by Ziaur Rahman and his successor Khaleda Zia, the country was ruled by war criminals and pro-Pakistani elements. Their time was marked by terrorism and sectarianism, and the ideals and progressive consciousness of the Liberation War were suppressed.

Referring to the killings of 24,000 Awami League activists and leaders after the intrusion of BNP into power through the 2001 coup, he highlighted that there is no sense of guilt among BNP for their own actions. They are still supporting those attackers. He also referred to the grenade attack during the “Anti-Terrorism Peace Rally” on August 21, 2004, which killed 22 activists, including national leaders of Awami League, including Sheikh Hasina. He questioned BNP’s commitment to democracy, saying that if they do not believe in democracy, democratic norms, and culture, what kind of democracy will they provide to the country?

Quader emphasized that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has made significant progress in the past four decades, becoming a role model for development. He called upon everyone to remain united under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter to continue this journey of success and progress in the country.

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