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Scientist Dr. Mubarak has received Tk 100 million to increase the production of eco-friendly bags, given by the government

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Eight years after the invention, the production of jute golden bags, an alternative to polythene, is gaining momentum. The government is giving Tk 100 crore to increase the production of these eco-friendly bags, with which a new factory will be built at Demra’s Latif Bawani Jute Co. Daily production will be 1 million golden bags.

This eco-friendly bag looks like regular polythene but is biodegradable. In 2016, by extracting fine cellulose from jute fiber and mixing it with chemicals, scientist Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan. The production of golden bags is going on in a limited scale at the Government Latif Bawani Jute Mill on the banks of Shitalakshya River in Demra, Dhaka.

At present only six workers including two scientists are working in the factory. Despite the ability to make 60 pieces of bags per minute, due to various limitations, only 250 pieces of bags are being produced daily in this factory, which are being exported to various countries in Europe, America and Africa. Although there is a possibility, no private company has come forward in the commercial production of golden bags in the last 8 years. Finally, the government has come forward to increase the use of golden bags in the country. A project of 100 crore rupees has been taken for the production of this eco-friendly bag.

Chairman of Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC) Farooq Ahmed said that the project worth 100 crores has already been taken. Initially, this money is supposed to set up a factory in Demra, where golden bags will be produced.

Mubarak Ahmed, the artisan scientist of Sonali Bag, said that the money will be available in July under the ‘Pre-commercialization of Sonali Bag’ project. After this, the work of setting up the factory will begin. He also said, “We have written about 5 tons of bags in the project, but I believe that if we get the money for the project, we will be able to produce 10 tons of bags.” And 10 tons of bags means we will be able to produce 1 million pieces of bags every day.

The government hopes to start commercial production at the proposed factory within the next three years.

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