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Militants emboldened by US ban on RAB: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that RAB was created on the advice of the United States when militancy was on the rise in the world.

Sheikh Hasina made this comment in an interview given to the Bengali section of Voice of America. The interview given on April 29 was published on Tuesday (May 2).

The Prime Minister said that the sudden US ban on this force is incomprehensible. I also think that the militants have now been encouraged by the ban on RAB. This is the reality.

In an interview, Sheikh Hasina said that the Bangladesh government had taken steps to reform the RAB. Everything including their training is done by America. But why RAB was banned is questionable. If someone commits a crime in the army, they are immediately brought under the law, which is not the case in other countries. Not even in America. Still, such announcements are sad.

The Prime Minister said, the husband of one of our State Minister’s daughters, he has committed a crime; He was immediately arrested and jailed. He got punished. But this is how we see it.

Regarding the reform of RAB, the Prime Minister also said that RAB has a good role in suppressing terrorism and militancy. Any RAB officer who commits a crime, is brought under punishment. We are always conscious of establishing the rule of law. Especially since the coming of the Awami League government.

There is nothing to talk about with BNP now

At one point of the interview, Sheikh Hasina said about the discussion with BNP, with whom I will dialogue (discussion)? A convicted convict, then again my parents, murderers of brothers and sisters, war criminals. Still, I showed a lot of generosity for the sake of the country, for the sake of the people, to protect the country’s democracy. But now there is nothing to talk to them (BNP). Because of their crime, they killed 21 thousand of my leaders and activists.

She said, but we have repeatedly discussed with BNP, even in the 2018 elections. Actually BNP is a political party, this party was created by a military dictator, who came to power in 1975 through the back door after killing my parents, brothers and sisters and killing a president.

And before he came to power but when my father was killed, then the one in power removed him, then another Chief Justice Sayem removed him and Ziaur Rahman came to power. Then he forms a political party. An army chief declared himself president and sat on the chair, followed by a drama called a yes/no vote. There was no vote, yes, the vote was done. Everyone should remember that the political party created by taking arms and sitting in power is the BNP.

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