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“Invitation to Private Sector Parents to Get More Involved in Sports,

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Encouraging parents from the private sector to nurture and develop hidden talents in sports across the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasized their crucial role. She mentioned that when they provide opportunities and support, it brings honor to Bangladesh on the global stage.

Reflecting on the contributions of Sheikh Kamal in the field of sports and culture in the country, the Prime Minister stated, “Today, Bangladesh has made significant progress in the field of sports. Sheikh Kamal played a pivotal role in laying its foundation.”

During the National Sports Council Awards ceremony held on Saturday (August 5th) to commemorate the birth anniversary of Shaheed Captain Sheikh Kamal, the Prime Minister served as the chief guest and presented the National Sports Council Awards 2023 to 10 individuals and two organizations in eight categories.

The Prime Minister noted, “Kamal had exceptional organizational skills. However, he never thought about becoming a leader or amassing wealth.”

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that if freedom fighter Sheikh Kamal had survived, he wouldn’t have been burdened with so many responsibilities today. She added that the progression of the nation is evident across all fields, starting from sports.

Highlighting the importance of sustaining the momentum of development, she stated, “We must maintain this trend of progress without interruption.”

She emphasized, “For the nation’s progress in sports and culture, it is essential to unearth talents from various regions and foster their growth. Private sector parents must also step forward to play a leading role.”

The Prime Minister also acknowledged that the government has taken every possible effort to create capable citizens who can contribute to society.

The Prime Minister stated, “Sheikh Kamal molded himself as a capable offspring of the nation’s father. He was the rightful possessor of exceptional talents. He excelled in various areas, being an outstanding sports organizer and enthusiast, an incredibly intelligent student, and a figure in the arts and culture. Kamal established the ‘Spandan Shilpigosthi,’ which not only promoted classical music but also introduced Western pop music alongside. He was a key founder of the renowned theater group ‘Dhaka Theatre.'”

“Despite his prestigious status, Sheikh Kamal remained incredibly humble, unselfish, unassuming, and always willing to engage in dialogue,” mentioned Sheikh Hasina.

Sheikh Hasina remarked that Sheikh Kamal, upon returning from the Liberation War, established the “Abahani Krira Chakra” in 1972. In 1972, he visited the “Summer Olympics” in Munich, Germany. In 1973, he led a 75-member delegation from Bangladesh to the 10th World Youth Festival in Berlin, Germany. Apart from football, he formed hockey, cricket, and table tennis teams under the Abahani Krira Chakra. When he traveled abroad, he purchased modern clothing and sports gear for his club’s athletes. He hired the first foreign coach, Mr. Bill Hart, for Abahani.

The Prime Minister remarked that the Father of the Nation had a profound influence on rebuilding the country after the Liberation War. He also emphasized the significance of sports. In 1972, he established the National Sports Control Authority and approved 16 National Sports Federations. In 1974, he approved 18 more National Sports Federations and several district sports organizations. The National Sports Council Act of 1974 (currently updated in 2018) led to the creation of the Bangladesh Sports Control Board. In 1975, he established the Sports and Culture Welfare Foundation. He also encouraged sports practitioners and artists to seek advanced training in the Soviet Union, East Germany, and India.

The Prime Minister mentioned that Sheikh Kamal created the “Khelaghar Kalyan Tahabil” with a grant of 1 million taka from his father. She highlighted the government’s efforts alongside private sector parenting to increase support. She stated that with proper parenting, the nation’s talents will flourish, contributing to Bangladesh’s honor. Our children are utilizing limited opportunities to bring honor. They now need proper parenting. The government is already taking steps, but private sector parenting is necessary.

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