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GE’s hydrogen-fueled gas will play a role in the energy transition

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GE’s state-of-the-art gas turbine technology, which uses a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, can play a role in fueling the country and is carbon-neutral.

Currently, GE has more than 120 gas turbines worldwide, powered by 5 percent (by volume) and 100 percent hydrogen, and have logged more than 8.5 million operating hours.

This was announced at a seminar titled ‘Powering Smart Bangladesh’ organized by GE at a hotel in the capital on Tuesday (May 9).

The seminar highlighted the innovative capabilities of future independent energy company GE Vernova, which will ensure sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity in the country. GE Vernova is committed to transforming the country’s power sector by providing innovative and energy-efficient powering technologies.

In the speech of the chief guest, Secretary of Electricity Habibur Rahman said, we are prioritizing policy interventions, which are capable of supporting the development of clean energy infrastructure in Bangladesh and will contribute to economic growth by effectively meeting the country’s electricity needs in the future. We are keen to invest in technologies that are already proven and help to rapidly reduce carbon levels.

He also said that experienced global companies like GE will be able to support us in the sustainable development of Bangladesh’s power sector by ensuring the use of hydrogen in power generation in the future.

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