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Cut one tree, plant three: Mayor Tapas

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Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said that three times the amount of trees that will be cut in Dhanmondi area of ​​the capital will be planted due to the need of urban development.

Recently, road divider trees are being cut to implement the road development project in Dhanmondi’s seven mosques area. DSCC authorities say that these trees are being cut for the beautification of the road divider. However, various environmentalist organizations including local residents and civil society representatives are strongly condemning and protesting the issue.

In this context, Mayor Tapas said that some people may be shocked and suffer due to the cutting of trees. It is their passion. However, if one tree is removed somewhere, we are working with the aim of planting three trees there.

He said this in response to questions from reporters after visiting the Dhakeshwari temple area on Wednesday (May 10).

DSCC Mayor said, many people are talking a lot about tree cutting. Talking without complete information. In fact, many times trees have to be thrown away and cut down in the development work. It is very sad. But we only do it when there is absolutely no other way.

He said, we will definitely plant other trees in the places where the trees have been felled or have to be cut. We have decided to plant three times more trees there if we need to cut trees for the development work. If one tree is cut down, we are working towards planting three trees there. We will plant more trees at that (Sat Masjid Road) road junction. Besides, about 10,000 trees will be planted in the coming monsoon season. So this is our ongoing process.

In response to another question from the journalists, Sheikh Tapos said, “We have already planted about two lakh trees in the last two years.” We will plant about lakhs of trees in Adi Buriganga. Besides, we will plant lakhs of trees in the projects that have been passed on our canals. We have plans to make Dhaka green.

He said, trees are being cut without consulting any urban planners – it is actually an understatement. We have three urban planners. Ever since I came (after becoming the city mayor), whether it was our projects or our own activities or anything else – I have been working together with everyone, including architects, urban planners, historians in different ways.

The mayor said that no one sees the plan. Many people watch when we go to work with plans. We have to do a lot of back-end work to implement the development work. We will plant trees. We will definitely make Dhaka a beautiful and green city.

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